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Fairbanks, AK

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The Perfect Combination in Eyewear

Standing for style through great selection. Upholding value with everyday low prices. And championing convenience with same-day glasses.

Right Glasses

The right selection, lenses and upgrades

"I do more than just enhance your image with great selection and designer brands, I enhance your vision with the right lenses. Whether for fashion, function or fun, I'll help you see great and look even better."

Frame Selection

Over 2,000 frames, including designer brands
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Lens Options

A Lens for every need, every lifestyle – within your budget

Right Price

Spending less for more

"I’m on a mission. A mission to get you superior value every way I can. Whether it’s great savings from our everyday low prices or exceptional value when you use your vision benefits, I make it all simple and convenient."

Everyday Low Prices

From 2 pair specials to lens options and upgrades you’ll spend less on, your dollars go further here.
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Vision Insurance

We accept over 1,000 vision plans, including CareCredit, and using them is quick and easy.
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Right Now

The convenience of same-day glasses

"Only we have a full-service lens lab in every store to expertly create prescription lenses and sunglasses. And just because we choose to do things faster doesn't mean you pay more or live with less – quality never takes a back seat. So, stop waiting for glasses and start wearing them."

In-store Labs

We have a lens lab in every store creating lenses with precision, quality and yes, speed.

The Right Lenses

All the lens types, materials and coatings that accurately improve and fully protect your vision.
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